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Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency

Disability Equality Proofing


The overall aim of this training is to enable staff to implement Disability Equality Proofing in both their own organization and in their work with the community organisations they support.


The specific objectives are:

  • to explore and clarify the meaning of equality in the context of community development.
  • to advance an understanding of disability proofing.
  • to enable staff to understand the requirements of the disability proofing process.
  • to identify the practical steps to implement disability proofing.
  • to generate discussion and agreement regarding how best to implement disability proofing on a day-to-day basis.


Topics covered

  • What is equality?
  • Can you define or describe it?
  • The Equality Framework
  • Why disability equality proof?
  • The process of Disability Equality Proofing
  • Defining Disability Equality Proofing
  • Implementing Disability Equality Proofing
  • Implementing Disability Equality Proofing on a day-to-day basis