Inclusive Consultation

Inclusive Consultation

Disabled children and young people have strong views about the society they live in, how they are treated, services they receive, their education, health and leisure.

They wanted to be respected and to have a say in things that affect them. This workshop is designed to support staff to understand disabled children and young people's access and communication requirements.

Workshop Aim

To support participants to develop skills and confidence in using inclusive consultation and engagements strategies.

Workshop Content

  • Understand a rights-based approach to consultation                                                     
  • Learn about accessible and inclusive communication and engagement methods
  • Planning for inclusive consultation and engagement
  • Learn how to consult with children across disability 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Participants will have greater confidence and be more informed in engaging with children and young people across disability.
  • Participants will be aware of and use tools for effective participation 

The training is delivered over one full day. A maximum number of 20 people can participate in this programme.