Our Principles

Our Principles


The DESSA Principles are informed by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. These principles are the framework for building positive relationships and partnerships between disabled people, their families and community. 

1. Human Rights

Respecting, upholding and promoting the human rights of disabled people at all times.                               

2. Social Justice and Equality

Commitment to equal treatment of disabled people and the elimination of discrimination in all forms at the organisational level in the community.

3. Empowerment

Supporting disabled people to make their own decisions and choices through access to information, self-advocacy training and connections with groups and the community.

4. Inclusion   

Supporting the full and effective participation of disabled people in Irish society in ways of their choosing.

5. Respect for the individual

Recognising and respecting that each person experiencing disability is a unique individual and their condition is only one of their many characteristics and attributes.